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At Lifetime Hearing, we provide the latest hearing aid technology to those in need of advanced and specialized hearing care. Many of our patients experience the frustration that comes with hearing loss, and our caring staff is determined to get them on the path to a happier and healthier life. We strive to educate our patients and their loved ones about their hearing loss and help them determine the right plan of action to address it. All of our locations have the capability to perform full hearing diagnoses, as well as fit and service hearing aids.

Since its inception, Lifetime Hearing has grown our staff to more than a dozen employees. Our caregivers are experienced, well-educated, and committed to ensuring a high-quality of life for all our cherished clients. Our staff must pass a rigorous background check before joining the Lifetime Hearing team.

Musa Judeh, HIS

Musa Judeh, HIS, President of Lifetime Hearing

Musa has been in the hearing healthcare industry for 26 years. He has worked as Director of Manufacturing for leading hearing aid manufacturers including Starkey, Nu-Ear, and Omni Hearing Solutions. In that role he was involved directly in the production facilities, overseeing all aspects of product development and implementation of hearing aids.

During that time in the hearing aid industry, Musa Judeh was part of the teams chosen to fit famous personalities. Some included former president senior George H. Bush, the “Hulk” Lou Ferrigno, International Martial Artist Champion, Chuck Norris, Miss America 1995, Heather Whitestone, and the Honorable Bob Bullock Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

He has also fit the Secret Services for Texas Governor, Ann Richards, with wireless communication systems, and the SWAT team in Austin, Texas, with Electronic sound protection. He has also fit many country singers with musician's monitors.

Musa has gone on missions with the Starkey Hearing foundation in Mexico and the United States to provide free hearing aids to children in need. He also helped to provide hearing aids for 60 people after Hurricane Katrina, and sponsored a mission in West Africa to provide hearing aids for orphaned children.

Musa's whole life continues to be all about helping people hear better. He is a distinguished individual in all aspects and has earned numerous awards in his field.

Chance Pritchard

Chance Pritchard

Chance was born and raised in Stanford, Texas. He is a Hearing Instrument Specialist with nine years of experience. Chance loves the job he does because it brings him great joy to help people hear and understand their loved ones. Chance loves spending time with his wife and three boys, and is interested in hunting and sports.


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“I suffered for four years with terrible tinnitus and after visiting Lifetime Hearing they fit me with a wonderful product to help me manage my tinnitus. My life has improved tremendously and I highly recommend any tinnitus sufferers to give Lifetime Hearing a try!”


“My hearing aids are great! My tinnitus sounds so much lower that I can barely tell it's even there. I can now hear my wife and can hear in large crowds. Friends have noticed that I no longer speak loud and do not ask them to repeat themselves. Thank you, Lifetime Hearing.”


“I was in the US Navy during the Vietnam War and was around loud noises for many hours during the days and nights. I cannot say that my hearing problem was due to the war, because, I have worked in mines and the oil field for many years. Chance Pritchard, the hearing specialist, was very helpful in assisting me and I am happy to say that I am very pleased with the results that I have experienced with the product. Lifetime Hearing worked with me anytime I had a problem. I have suffered with the constant loud ringing (tinnitus) for many years. As long as I wear the hearing aid, I do not hear it!! I highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered with tinnitus.”


“I've been suffering from the ringing in my ears for so many years. With the help of the specialists at Lifetime Hearing and their tinnitus treatment technology, I do not hear the ringing at all when I'm wearing the device. It's giving me a lot of relief that I was always looking for. Thank you Lifetime Hearing!”


“I trust the staff at Lifetime Hearing; they tested me thoroughly and were extremely knowledgeable. The service was excellent and they were genuinely concerned that I was completely satisfied. As soon as the specialist put this device on my ears, my tinnitus went away! I got relief from my ringing and I'm hearing so much better now. A single device solved both problems! Thank you Lifetime Hearing!”


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